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Clementine - Photo by Bob Bernardo
Rumor is, the new fan motto is: "Crazy for Clementine"!  Combined from four separate, but equally talented and successful artists who have all experienced rich independent careers, Clementine emerged out of a desire to create legitimate music that reaches deep into the soul.  This blend of talent results in a breath-taking journey that seamlessly combines each of their histories, heartaches, and happiness into one beautiful sound.

Imported from Texas, Nebraska, Arizona and California, Clementine is a sweet fusion of influences that include Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Raitt, Alabama, and a touch of U2. Clementine's members include an individual and collective history that canvases a wide array of achievements and accomplishments, including staff writer for Famous Music, a record deal on MCA, a major label producer, a Leon Rabin Award, a DFW Theater Critics Award, a #1 song on the CCM charts, performances at the White House, Carnegie Hall, and the Presidential Inaugural Celebration - the list could go on and on.

Clementine - Photo by Bob BernardoThe soul of Clementine runs much deeper than creating beautiful music, however. Emerging out of personal tragedy, Gina For Missing Persons was founded. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Clementine, and both local and national television exposure - including America Lost and Found - over 200 missing persons have been profiled since its inception in 2001. Clementine is vigilant in their quest to be a support for families of the missing everywhere, as well as raising awareness all over the world and being a constant, steady bridge that connects law enforcement, media, and those who have disappeared.

While many may seek fame and fortune and the sometimes opulent artist lifestyle, Clementine exists with the united purpose of extending Gina's efforts while offering refreshing, innovative music that erases boundaries, blends styles, and rejuvenates the spirit.

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